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A car owner bought a vehicle battery as a  spare for his current battery in order to avoid being embarrassed by it whenever his car’s battery got drained.

A day came and that which he had prepared for,happened. He was on his way to a conference with some MD’s when his vehicle stopped in traffic,since he was prepared for this, he came out with the new battery and plugged it in,connected his phone to the car charger it began to charge but when he decided to ignite the vehicle,it didn’t start up. He was confounded -as he had never used the battery before but the battery didn’t make him leave in time. He had to jump Start the car with another driver’s battery (the embarrassment he was trying to avoid).

You see,
when you don’t meet the purpose for which you were made… you aren’t useful… you might just be beneficial… like the car battery that can’t start a vehicle but powers your phone.

Isaiah 58:2
A useful vessel (mould)  builds according to the pattern for which it was made.
if you don’t serve your purpose, you’ll be replaced..just like the battery..there must be a profiting from you.
The extent to which you are useful is the extent to which you serve the masters purpose.
Are you serving your purpose?
Are you really useful? or just beneficial?

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