camouflaged identity

Yes, It should be noted that speech becomes character which eventually becomes personality.
Many times people say they speak in some ways to keep people away from them but they forget the fact that -what you do continually becomes your buildup- an  habit.

You see,if there’s something in this world that you should be careful with- its what you say.

See Jesus,He himself was careful with speech… How? And or why?
Cos there were the Pharisees who always wanted something to hold against Him, in like manner are people closely looking at you to hold on to that which you say and use it against you. So,whatever Jesus spoke,he showed.
Take love for example…He died on the cross just to show His love for humanity.

Watch your speech,it essentially determines who you are.
Many a times we tend to correct people but we ourselves aren’t living that life we preach/teach.
They make our lives unattractive and our words ineffective.
We even talk about other peoples friends yet associate ourselves with unruly people neglecting the fact that the people you move with directly or indirectly have an impact good or bad on us.

“So they walk about as though the lord is with them but No! They walk with just body guards.”

This is the case of the ‘biscuit’ ministers- those who are a part of the ministry for selfish interests(personal gain),those who put aside their actual responsibilities and pursue after mirages. Moving around with bodyguards and not the Holyguard,representing fallen but camouflaging under *Calling.
Be careful to speak,
be slow to respond,
be quick to reason,
These are important and reflect your true character-the person you are on the inside.
You can’t claim to be good and act bad…
You can’t say you follow Christ and neglect His ordinances

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