chained in change

Was at a gathering and this was asked-Have you taken time to wonder what era you are in?
People clamour for change yet they themselves put chains on…
It is a normal thing for one to want change but absurd to put chains on oneself.
I am talking to you especially… (me)…Yes! you.
Since, what have you done to stop the chains from being put on… what have you done to bring someone out of mental slavery?

Mental slavery, yes! this is the chain that reduces the effect of change in the Nation. How can you say you’re a changed person…no more slave to sin and still crave for its vices?! It just doesn’t make sense.
You insult the government for rise in oil,yet vandalize pipes for it- why won’t it be scarce?
You hurl insults at the ones you elected forgetting that *hopes in man is vanity!

celled mind

You see, when you put your hopes upon man,they fail you and leave you in chains,but when you put your hopes in God,your life will be changed.
God has the government and all in His palms, He can decide what or who to have in charge to spearhead His project of changing lives.
Dear reader, never settle for less,you were made for more.
Don’t mind the obstacles that are in place today,they’re only tests of time..
Tests after which your success rings a bell and launches you into greatness.
Has someone talked you down?
Have they spite you with the little they call big?
Cool down cos everything’s working out in the end for your good.
Wait cef,abi you don’t believe ni?

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