Yesterday was the briefing and today the D day to practicalise it.
But you know,
When you have decided to stop telling lies,there usually is a test to seal it.
This was no difference,
“Just falsify your age,pretend you don’t know a brand nor used it’s products,finally accept that you are a user of another brands products and voila!

You get an incentive to make do with’.

How easy?! I had thought,I accepted but throughout the day it was a struggle- conscience speaking. I guess I now understand the *still voice* better. Then I decided to decline the offer but the issue was I’d given time for the meeting and didn’t know how to close up the issue.
I decided to commune with the *still voice* for aid and a sign,being determined not to play their game- it worked out well actually! They didn’t keep to time,I even waited,it was during the wait it dawned on me I had gotten the sign,so I left for the day’s work.

A testimony right?!
It’s meant to serve as a strengthener. Hold your stance- if help is needed still,contact the *still voice*.

Would you rather tell lies for a pack of indomie?!- this was it’s redeeming question.

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