Chai!, i have come to the realization that as humans that we are, we don’t like to be blamed for any cause…rather we pass the blame to others…
Do you remember this song- who stole the meat from the cooking pot?…it never pointed out the actual person, as the blame was being shifted amongst the game players.
One of the easiest yet most useless thing to do in this life is to give excuse for something you could have just apologized for.

You see, excuse in actual sense leads to nowhere in particular,it only makes others see you as a freeloader in some cases.

The afore-posted quote says it all.
When you give excuses for not going to work early,not doing your duties, not completing your job,not meeting up with an appointment or anything at all, then you probably might get better at nothing, loose the trust people have in your punctuality or even loose your job.
What’s the reason?
What excuse could it be?
Why try to vindicate yourself?

Oh! And those of you who don”t know how to play the time game and get caught up… Stop giving excuses about your lateness..directly or indirectly, you’re the cause.
Here’s something…
“Your excuses might be legit,but they won’t improve your life” – Grant Cardone.

Short,full of pictures but apt and straight to the point…
Why give an excuse,when the excused can be excused?


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