I was coming from a meeting recently with some friends and we were talking about the essence of food to the body as a result of prolonged talks which caused hunger.

Then we took it deeper
by bringing up its similitude with the word of God.
Think of it,
is the word of God not essential to the daily growth of every individual as the food consumed?
Then why starve yourself of the word when actually you don’t need to pay for it.
Well,maybe you’re fasting? but the essence of the physical fast in real sense is to add more nutrients to the spirit man and not necessarily drain him.

See, I love to eat food and I’m not a fan of little consumption of food same way I love to enjoy the word of God in large quantity, in fact,it is the only food I eat continually without getting tired or filled- why? You may ask, well that’s because learning never ends and God’s words are refined momentarily.
Though sometimes I’m pissed by continuous intake of Rice as a human that I am,but not The Word.

Are you also as hungry as I am- for The Word?
Do you also feel the urge to at least share this food with others?  You know you shouldn’t be stingy  ehn?
So,show some love- by sharing.

Still hungry?
Go for Bible study at Church.
Find a bible believing church close to you.

Meanwhile,I’m still hungry!!…gotta grab!

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