Have you ever been perplexed about something whilst reading and when you went over it again got it right?
But before you got it right faced some sort of embarrassing moments and it felt like the ground should swallow you up.

Yes,this happens to us severally and sometimes we might need to go over it thrice or more- just to grab the message hidden in the context.

We are able to do this successfully because we decide to concentrate on issues that matter -in this case,what’s being read- and shove aside those that don’t (The Jesters).
And that’s exactly how life is. It entails having enough patience to go back -not in time ooo ,but in steps to correct the wrongly taken steps to arrive at the desired result- neglecting the pitiful look people would cast on you when you go back to make it right.
You see,the thing is – whether or not you go back to make it right people would look at you awkwardly.
So why should their look determine your action?
They like to look abi?…pepper will soon enter their eye.
That pepper- is your success on the second or third attempt.

You’re not a failure,a second fiddle,an ordinary you?!
No!you are a champion,a success,someone’s Hope.
So don’t give up on yourself,
live up to God’s expectation and do not short change it for  people’s.
Therefore, Forget yourself in the right things.

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One thought on “Forget yourself in the right things.

  1. Very inspiring. We should at every step in our walk in life embrace the harsh realities of failed attempts, extract the bitter juice called lessons in them, and apply them as a syrup for the future.

    In reality, we'll never know how well we could get it done if we don't try again and again.

    God help us all….

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