Understanding Appreciation

This is an often neglected part of our day to day practices. It has now been marched with respect only for the elders-which is true and good,but not the complete use of it.
We were taught to give thanks for the seen,unseen,wished for and the current by the Bible,not neglecting giving respect to the elders and those deserving it (as viewed in my previous post on Respect), but we as humans have
coined our definition and made it suit our lifestyle,one in which appreciation is shown mostly only after the completion (or during the process of completing) a task(job) and the task completer is respected for the job done.
Its more like the respect is not given freely anymore, its now earned by actions and deeds.

So,should appreciation be a hard thing to show?
No! It shouldn’t be,it actually is one of the most easiest things to do.
Funny enough, its telling on the economy at large but isn’t being noticed as a major problem.
Not that you even pay for it,you just have to change your perspective of how its being used.
When you appreciate, you show love-for what is being noticed and not.
You show that what is being done is not a waste.
You show encouragement.

The psalmist says “O give thanks to the lord -why- for His mercies endure for ever”,not because He has given Him a child.
You see,to learn to appreciate- it doesn’t start with deeds but the heart. If you can’t appreciate this way, then, I guess I’m not wrong to say you’re a hypocrite in style.
Respect and Appreciation go hand in hand,leave one out and all is out.

Think deep,
why do you appreciate? or rather why are you being appreciated?
Your works? your worth? or love?

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