Unlocking that flooded gate!

Have you been told you won’t amount to something?
Have they called you a never do well?
Neglect those for God has decided to shine Laser lights of blessing at you,all you need do it get the key of the flooded gates,unlock and be overwhelmed by blessings.
It’s time to unlock
the flood gates of divine blessings.
This is a fact, the amount of poverty on earth does not accumulate your riches in heaven so stop being foolish thinking your poverty here on earth would increase your riches in heaven…Dey there dey dream..you hear?!
For your sake, Jesus was poor that you may be rich in every ways -then you are now letting the poverty he took upon himself go like that without you plugging to the exchange… You’d better wisen up!

The key to the gates are in;
-Your praise unto Him not in your never ending whining  and petulant cry.
God has called you to bless…not to be cursed,so if you are cursed…something is responsible… Find it. Break it. Cover your loops.
listen up, the spiritual opens doors for the physical, everything that takes place in the physical has gone through the spiritual. So there’s a tendency to win all of life’s challenges because God is on your side…
-Turn your grumbling to prayers and stop complaining, it doesn’t change a thing.
And for those with fast sticky fingers or those seeking alternatives… blessing from alternatives is from the flood gates of hell…it’s like helping God to bless you.
-You really don’t need to have much to be blessed.. Godliness with contentment is great gain remember.
-Divine blessing is one gotten from labour not father Christmas… to develop and work with… So,for those of you that prefer being idle, sit and look well…father Christmas is coming to help you,don’t find something doing.
Just so you know, work doesn’t kill..indulgence does… (indulging in sleep, idleness, procrastination, nonchalance)

The blessing comes with merit and credit- if you don’t merit it,it won’t come.

-Finally, the church is a place to give God his portion from your blessing. When you give appropriately, you merit it..
when you give like Cain…you Rob God.
Give Him the best…leave the rest..
See, He needs the best not the most.
Let the widow’s mite you offer be the best you can offer not the most, who gave you the little you think you have cef?
Your salary increases but your offering doesn’t why?
Are you robbing God?
the floodgates won’t open ooo…
Are you a covenant child of God? or an armed robber?- seeking God just for blessings but not willing to work.
Where do you find yourself?

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