What charges your prayer?

So,I took a little time out to examine the kind of prayers some people utter. And the mode in which it is being uttered.. Not that I didn’t pray mine own ooo, but you know- the ear just has to do its duty.
Found out that many people pray out of anger,dissipating all the food and or energy they have within them- most times on issues that were self incurred.
Others do the silent whispers like me..
Speaking with no voice,

Some others are Baba… They shout on top of their voice- like the person whom they speak to doesn’t have ears to listen…
Lemme give you a chance,
How else do people around you pray?
Does it piss you or make you swell up with laughter?
Lest I forget,there are some who take the praying timeout to sleep.
I hope you don’t fall in that category.

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June 1, 2017 at 4:33 pm

lol.. i actually do the last one once in a while.

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