Hmmm… Family sha…
Most times people fail to realise this reality during the course of celebrations.
They forget that if they aren’t loved by 80 percent of the people they invite for their party they won’t show up.
Although,it is known to all that there are several other reasons why an occasion is graced by guests; some for sight seeing, some to spot flaws and the rest- to join in your joy.
But in all
,as we are advised we should live peaceably with all, so also should we joy in others celebration as that is the true meaning of family.
Family are those that would attend your party and complain of insufficient food,small meat,insufficient drinks,little souvenirs and still struggle to go home with it. It’s not #Atenu as we call it but,good relationship.

Therefore, do not grow weary in doing this for you not only create an atmosphere of love but one of continuous relationship.
Sure,people are different and have several other views about you but your true family remain with you.
Take the moment, how have you been to your family? not necessarily your closest relations but the ones who- when you call for their participation in something- are always there even through the oddest times.

What’s your view on family as discussed?

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