I’ve fallen victim severally and I think I should draw you to it… so we both take caution.
Most of the times we are engaged- doing one thing or the other in the house of God- so much so that we hardly have time for regular rethink or check up as it may be.
You see,when you go to the hospital and get treated, you are asked to comeback regularly for check up. This routine
is not really putting it forward that you aren’t healed…No! It’s only putting it to you that know your medical status is key and shouldn’t be handled with levity.
This is the situation we find ourselves, we give our lives to Christ but fail to reconsecrate it.
One of my greatest goal is Heaven, how do I get there? By Living a life of service that will be ACceptEd by the creator of the universe.
By doing my check up..  everyone is bought from the claws of sin by grace…Yes .. but everyone needs to constantly rededicate their lives to the master as no one is born a saint!
Don’t be busy in the business of the church and be idle in the business of your salvation, at the end, it would still comeback to – not just what you did alive but what your life actually was on earth.
A busy Idler or A saved serviceman?

don’t let those things which aren’t justify who you are…
You are whom you choose to be…
what exactly do you call busy?
is it an excuse not to serve in where you have been called to serve ?
its time you know whom you are busy for…yourself, or God?
Better work out your salvation!

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