Something unusual has finally driven Nigeria into a hole of moral degradation, something has caused the youths to double their hustle but use the reward on bubbles.
This is something needing a firm hand.- BET

 Yes! It was an interactive session in the ‘house’ yesterday as we discussed a topic as suggested by one of the participants.

Betting is the issue. Whether sports betting or other forms of betting. Please, critically make your view on this lifestyle especially as it regards youths and it’s impact on their time, emotion and lifestyle. Thanks

And a series of comments were passed and brought up.. Most of which I’ll be sharing with you today
Someone began this way…
First.  I greet everyone in dis room.
This is an issues which has to be taken a proper look at because it has dealt seriously with many-especially our young ones (the youths)
I think one  ought not to  see this as a  business. But, it’s so sad that the youth- mostly those who feel so big to lean a trade nor go to school- spend their 24hr betting and watching football.  And the end having nothing achieved at the end of the day.
 Forgive me,but I’ll  say that this is the easiest way of becoming idle -.Which leads to arm robbery
Other suggestions from members:


To me I’d say is not too good because it’s impact on youths and teens is bad, it makes them go extra mile to get money and that could lead to tapping things or stealing

Gamble is gamble and is not too good 4 our health. Thank you

And i also had to air my view,
Betting has crept into our moral system even to the church since youths have found it a leisure activity.
It has taken a negative turn in this our economy…
A greater percentage of college students have become addicted to this. Betting shouldn’t be a lucrative venture …. It should be a leisure thingy.
If then ,it becomes an addiction, its no more fun bringing. Nigerians generally have turned it to a second source of income their part-time or full-time job. Some have even gone extra miles to guarantee their winnings.
From my side,

Betting is not bad, depending on the motive behind it.

Sometimes you bet to prove a point.
Another person dropped this and it got my point buttressed


Betting has no economic value to our country-especially Africa, because it’s not our export nor import but a way for those who leverage on our economic value without giving any value in exchange and to make things worse the tax the government collect from owners of such business does not affect our lives.
Furthermore the scriptures say faith without work is dead; where then is the work in betting… Let us develop our nation with our skill ….betting should be for fun.
 Then came the finisher with this-

Betting is an action of gambling money on the outcome of a race, game, or other unpredictable event. If we believe gambling is not good, not just, praise worthy, not noble, not true, desist from it. πŸƒπŸ½πŸƒπŸ½πŸƒπŸ½πŸƒπŸ½

Do you have more views on this issue? It would be nice to air your thoughts.
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