Choristers and Timidity.

For sometime now i have been looking for a panacea to some issues as a young singer.
I think i just found one.
So,of recent I had the opportunity to share my mind with an elder chorister concerning some troubling issues especially as a new bud leading a gathering of buds.
You’ll be amazed at the riches of this chat…

After finding it easy to part songs to some extent…
There’s this fear when I’m in the midst of people advanced in it.,.so I discovered I sing rubbish instead.

Also,teaching people, when is it advisable to part…especially when some are doing so already,..

Also,how do I take note of a part without mixing when teaching…

The fear when you’re in the midst of people who are ‘supposed’ to be advanced IS NORMAL.

However, you have to KNOW what you’re singing and sing it LOUDLY! They’ll soon discover that you actually know what you’re doing.

When teaching songs, IT IS JUST SANE to learn the melody of the song first. The melody may be for the tenor singers – like the Jesus Promised song – and singing in parts when learning could be counterproductive. So, learn the songs in melody, be STRICT about this!

How you can take note of the parts without mixing them up… this may be difficult at the start, but then, that’s what the solfa notation helps you with. Male voices are the tenor singers, the MOST obvious voice is that of the Soprano singers while the other hidden part is the alto.

However, if it’s a FRESH song (maybe self composed) you can use the parts separation D M S (Soprano Tenor Alto) to differentiate what you want to sing out. This may be a lil bit difficult at the start, but overtime, you’ll get used to it!

Listen up…
You understand that don’t you? the first issue addressed is Timidity..
I tell you, it kills vibe.. but you should learn to voice out.. As a chorister that you are, you should learn to. Knowing fully well that your voice is your own personal instrument of music, so why keep shut? Is that person gonna bite you?

One thing i tell people is this; your flaw won’t be wiped away if you refuse to let them see it, instead they’ll get it themselves and use it against you in the later end.

Learn to open up and be willing to accept corrections.

You refuse to ask questions- you refuse to learn more… more to this… You refuse to take to corrections,you stop learning, a general principle in knowledge building!

Your leader would always be glad to know someone is following up on what is being settled in the meeting. Your questions are as important as the solfa notations,

You’ll remember i said a new bud leading a pack of buds, yes, sometimes you might finding yourself teaching a song and find it difficult to control some people older than you – to stop them from parting a song they haven’t memorized yet. A STRICT version of yourself is what is needed there,this can be achieved with the aid of a leader- letting the leader handle them whilst you teach,if you can’t yourself.
You’ll find out you saved yourself from a lot of pain and stress when teaching.

The third point is as simple as what is written there,just follow up and in no time,you’ll be there!
Simple and of cause plain.

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