so what are your reasons for carrying out some specific acts?
Genuine or not?
This was the case of Ananias and Sapphira in the early church. They were so carried away by the activities of the church that they didn’t consider the fact that it was a spirit bred church- so they decided to join in what they in their mind would have called a charade, they sold their properties and wanted to play safe- halfed the gain and LIED. This was their greatest error and this happened to be the cause of their demise.

You see, in one of my previous posts, i addressed the issue
of being beneficial but not being useful this was what their property became. Probably you didn’t finish hearing the story of the couple- since it was a planned decision they stood by it and were both struck dead! Automatically from their closet they had decided to be of benefit rather than of great use to the early church. I wonder whether their conscience didn’t prick them as discussed here.

The Bible in the book of Matthew chapter six speaks about doing things as unto God and not to men and even went further to buttress that when this is being done “The father in Heaven who sees what you do in secret would reward you” then i add IN THE OPEN.
This has even gotten to the church,
duties are not performed most times as unto God but to men… “what vain gain people desire, such they derive.” Forgetting that Ephesians six verses five and six in particular points out -be ye slaves or masters- the need to do things without eye-service, i wonder where this passages have been kept.

Now, this is it we fail to understand that this is an advanced level of hypocrisy! So when people pray, it looks like their prayers are being wrongly channeled. In fact that same chapter bring out that your big grammar doesn’t mean that you prayers would be answered almost immediately or even at all, rather you are advised to pray a simple one… as taught…. The Lord’s Prayer..

So, when you’re helping that person next to you, purify your intentions. Know why you’re helping, know why you’re aiding, know why you’re there.
Is it because you’re real or because you have an ulterior motive- want something in exchange, or you want others to see you as benevolent meanwhile it’s HYPOCRICY.

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