The old woman outside the Church and the members in the church make a unique story.
Read on…
Apparently she was blind,feeble and was sitting outside her house
, probably a mother of two or three, or even a grandmother.
Enjoying the comfort of a semi dilapidated sofa and cool breeze within her veranda and waiting for nothing new than the usual toot of vehicles, the cry of little children or the sound of church or mosque speakers.
At the time I caught sight of her,it was a session of connection with the father on issues that troubles the mind.
Several prayers being uttered, muttered, screamed… some with bitterness, others complacency and some just lost in thoughts and this was the moment I observed a connection outside the church premises- It was her! The one I had earlier described- making her requests to her maker and LOOKING up to heaven… probably she was praying for her health,children or grandchildren… as though she was seeing what those inside the church with eyes couldn’t see.
This short scene really touched me.
Why? There were some just lost in thoughts or in the prayers of the person next to them!!! and someone else just connected?! Just like that?!

Hmmm,I see why the Bible parable about the one who had banquet prepared for special invited guests went other way. The Host didn’t get his invitees and so gave it open for even the roadside beggars.
This was the case… **not calling her a beggar, but she wasn’t
1. A member of the church
2. Able to stand and walk freely
3. See
Probable qualities of people that were within the confinement of the church,
Yet,she was able to pray.
she must have known the principle behind prayers, probably a Christian old woman who found comfort in her disability and didn’t allow it prevent her from connecting with the heavens.
Are you like those inside the church premises but lost in the service?
the woman who caught the Rhema?

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2 thoughts on “The Rhema…

  1. Nice post bro….sometimes we just need to trust God the more and put our faith to work, just like the old lady did. Like our father always says, guard your heart with all diligence, for out of it comes the issues of life. Nice one, keep it up.

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