So, i was in a rush for a lecture this morning and different kinds of things were just popping up.
Issues that just had TO BE SORTED OUT… you should know what I’m talking about but one particular one got me thinking.
You see, i was under pressure of submission of assignment and at the same time early morning lectures yet was being pressed. I decided to chill off in the gents- something i had thought wouldn’t take my time but was surprised when it wouldn’t cease. It was then that this thought popped up “WHEN IS THE RIGHT TIME”, I had actually began to question myself
‘…Why now… this is not the time this kind of thing should be happening’… and began to whine there until that thought popped in.

At first i smiled and then began to ask myself again… WHEN IS THE RIGHT TIME…. I began to remember the times i had been hooked and it took God’s intervention to get it off without being messed.. I began to think of those who had been praying for it,those who would almost kill themselves or starve themselves, but there I was- complaining.. I changed my thought and began to see the positive side of it.

Funny,isn’t it? Take some water… This is the issue that has always faced people -RIGHT TIME. Some like me would always say, “the time is not now” or some will say “later”. This act of procrastination has, is and will still be troubling several people like yourself and myself, causing them setbacks in their day-to-day activities if they do not desist the act.
Chill first, when is it right to die?
When is it right to eat?
When is it right to say NO?
When is it right to be right?
When is it right to eat?
-To say “I DO”?
-To stand for the truth? Your Identity!!!
-To live?
-To reconcile with friends and family?
– To be Useful
-To give you life to Christ?

I had once thought a time will come but was disproved!. The time will never come, you have to create it yourself.

Now is the time to reconcile with those you’ve hurt or have hurt you.
-is the time to stand for what is right…To speak up!
– is the time to give your so much guarded life to Christ.

Don’t hesitate, it pushes you to procrastinate…When you do, you’ll always be late.. till you’re late!

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