A contrite heart

 Been a while right?  yea.. took some time-out but I’m here and with a special theme. Read and be nourished in all quarters.

         All these while, it had been a sing along chorus… “into my heart,into my heart,come into my heart Lord Jesus.. ” but understanding this wonderful piece is beyond the lyrics or the rhythm alone.. It boils down to willingness and total submission – keying into the spoken words- to the one whom the song is being ascribed unto.

         Whilst in a meeting, a question was directed to us and it goes thus – What differentiates you from the crew members of a secular artiste or the artiste himself?
 Deep abi?  we all laughed and then began to give our contributions as ‘holy minds’ would do but what was the answer? THE SPIRIT OF GOD IN US .
Yea, you probably would say you knew this already… but why has It not worked with you?cool down, it’s because you have refused to make it the master of your life, the captain in charge of your life’s activities. So anytime you make those declarations in songs- calling for the infilling of the spirit or the manifestation of  it’s works, you do so in vain because you haven’t set things right.
       The psalmist says in chapter 24

  yWho shall ascend the hill of the Lord?

And who shall stand in his zholy place?

aHe who has bclean hands and ca pure heart,

who does not dlift up his soul to ewhat is false

and does not swear deceitfully.

He will receive fblessing from the Lord

and grighteousness from hthe God of his salvation.

Such is ithe generation of those who seek him,

who jseek the face of the God of Jacob.2 Selah

Looking into this part, it clearly spells out the necessary, and in steps…
 Before you can get the blessings, your heart has to be right with God,
… only then can you be called His son ore betterstill one under His generation… then can you tap in and out of this anointing the spirit has to offer… then can that song bring revelations of things unseen nor heard of to your understanding.

REMEMBER: To attain this, you have to be in the right standing with GOD-your creator, having a contrite heart.

 Very easy..



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