Whats your Priority?

As usual,I would always look over it and keep struggling with my assignment, trying to find a way around it and keep my work neat…
It always didn’t dawn on me at any instant that I was to find it as the best option… I would even change its lead to make the one I want work.

Little thoughts of mine,they were constricted to what they knew and weren’t always able to think wide or lemme put extensively and so continued to work in cycles with the same outcome.
What am I saying right?

                                                                  ARE YOU BUSY NOW?

For some of you that might have the privilege to know the rotring set, I’m describing the compass for circles of smaller radii. Probably you have always fallen in my kind of situation it’s time to know what every tool is for, else abuse is inevitable as I had done by substituting its lead with the other for drawing large circles.
liken the situation to your relationship with God,how do you feel it is? Going as its meant to be or according to the way you’ve decided to go. Have you strayed in your relationship with Him? Is he still the anchor or the gate keeper and you the anchor for yourself like I had always chosen the other tool over the smaller compass. The funny thing is immediately I understood those things that were difficult fell in place and I was baffled…
This is how you’ll be and more when you finally find out that you made the captain of your life the gate keeper.

Set your priorities right
every tool has its use.. the time for its use is what matters… it might take a while

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