Been a while people, hope y’all are doing well?
Here’s a simple chew on question for today…

If it happens now… would I be there?
how prosperous is my soul cef?
am I rich in him or rich in materials?

when you hear these set of questions, what crosses your mind?..

well,I wouldn’t know what crosses yours but there’s this parable in the bible that usually follows it,the parable of  The Rich Fool.
How on earth would I be wealthy on earth and loose it all here?!… that was the case of this man. He was rich but never knew the master of riches. He was full but apparently a fool. The one whom he looked down on,the one who fed on his crumps, the one who competed with his dog for lumps that fall off, the one whom he saw as wretched was rich.
Do you see yourself as this man or perfectly fitting in this parable?
Then you should stop seeking the riches but seek the master of it.
He has promised to supply all of your needs… so why act like you don’t know you need Him,when in actual sense you have nothing unless he releases it to you.
 You already know the right thing to do…Seek the master,not His work. so you’ll be dynamic as the master not static as the work.
See,this is mythoughtout… what crosses your mind?

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