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Here’s a Literary work from Rob Dilworth


The fighting cools but hatred rules
The crowded streets as temper heats.
The ridicules of thoughtless fools
Bring endless tweets as hate defeats.

But is it right that we should fight
A war of skin that love can win?
Yet we incite an evil plight;
In anger sin from hate within.

When battles start our senses part.
Let’s take a break for heaven’s sake.
Let hate depart from hurting heart
And claim the ache of past mistake.

Our past contains the bloody stains
And vicious roars of countless wars,
But love remains and hatred wanes
When grace restores and mercy pours

From man of woes, for once he chose,
Instead of fight with heaven’s might,
To take the blows in painful throes
And shine his light into the night.

Then evil cursed with dying thirst,
Yet he refused, with body bruised,
To bring his worst, let anger burst;
Instead excused as they abused.

So could we dare when tempers flare
To look ahead, leave thoughts unsaid?
When life’s unfair let’s kneel in prayer.
Before blood’s shed, choose love instead.

This poem won 1st place for the September 2017 poetry contest…
Would it do likewise in your heart?!
After reading,I saw Nigeria in it… What say you?

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