So, these are actually the proceeds from a group discussion as summarized by one of the moderators.
I’ve gone through it and can tell you- You need This!
It was a discussion on etiquette

from a broad perspective and narrowed to different segments…
Etiquette means to behave politely in a society

The General Rules in no particular order:

– ALWAYS remember your *Thank you, I’m sorry, please and excuse me*; these are general rules which should go with us everywhere.

– Don’t finish the food if you’re visiting for the first time; you’re not wasting their food, you’re showing etiquette.

– If you’re in a PUBLIC vehicle, DO NOT read other people’s messages; this is really offensive and some people may take this personally.

– Not everyone who pays a compliment is planning to have an affair with you, learn to say Thank you and MOVE ON.

– If your partner offends you in public, DO NOT shout at him/her in public. You may think you’re correcting them, but you may be tampering with their self worth or self esteem.

– When you’re at an eatery where you don’t understand what is on the menu list, PLEASE ask questions and don’t assume you can ‘cope’ with the name you’re seeing on the list.

– When you’re traveling, eat minimally so that you don’t embarrass yourself if you mistakenly get pressed in transit.

– In public transports, PLEASE DO NOT spread out your legs beyond the space in front of you and IF you’re driving, learn how to minimize the use of horns.

– When you get to a place where there’s a queue, ask *politely* for who’s the last person on the queue and join quietly.

PLEASE, DO NOT just copy and paste pictures, videos, ALL the posts you find anywhere on ALL the Social Media platforms that you find yourself.

– This may sound quite unbelievable, but PLEASE DO NOT sit down in someone’s house if the person has not asked you to do so; you may get an embarrassing reaction from the person.

– Eventhough this has to do with individual preferences, DO NOT wear TIGHT clothes/ suits/sweat shirts during dry season, it’s just normal.

As part of the general rules, PLEASE speak ONLY the language that you understand.

Speaking fluently in your local dialect makes you *more literate* than speaking another man’s language wrongly!

The way you type goes a long way in showing the kind of person that you are.

Please, cultivate the habit of typing WITHOUT using shorthand or abbreviations, TYPE IN FULL.

– PLEASE, avoid chewing gums when you’re at a function or in public, it’s actually INAPPROPRIATE!

– If you’re on a table where there’s need to refill your drink, it would be REALLY POLITE to do same for others.

– Avoid TALKING loudly at a function, even if there’s noise there.

-ALWAYS  ask for the convenience at any public place you find yourself.

– Ask for how to use the elevator if it’s your first time, DON’T BE ASHAMED

– PLEASE, stop sagging; it doesn’t portray you as being responsible in any way.

– Shave your armpits as often as you can, it doesn’t matter whether you’re showing them in public or not.

– NEVER raise your hands to beat a woman even if she just hit you; you cannot win the argument 🚢🏽🚢🏽

– PLEASE, smell nicely AT ALL TIMES; not for the lady you are planning to ask out, but for yourself.

– DO NOT touch a lady in sensitive parts even if she presents herself that way, she may end up embarrassing you.


– PLEASE, if you’re putting on a skirt, ALWAYS sit with panache (your legs together, and your thighs that way too)

– We know you love to wear makeups, but PLEASE avoid the ones that will change your outlook totally.

– Not every guy that smiles at you wants to date you, don’t go around with such insinuations

– We also know you like to dress comfortably, but PLEASE do not inconvenience others while at it.

– It is advisable for the ladies to NOT SHOW their armpits or navel in public places (as much as you can avoid it)

– While I know this is just normal for MOST of you, I know some who don’t see any biggie about it; ALWAYS move around with tissue, sanitary pads and wipes.

– Always mind the kind of heel you put on for an occasion, no matter how classy you want to appear.

– If you have agreed to go on a date with a guy, PLEASE DO NOT go with your friends; it’s NOT a get together.

– PLEASE, do not put food in extra nylons when you attend public functions; it doesn’t portray you as a classy lady/woman.

– Remember to always slay and look good no matter what 😍, but DO NOT borrow to do that.

Let’s endeavor to work on ourselves where we ought to. Enjoy the rest of your week ✌🏾✌🏾

I do hope you gained one or two from this for the new month…
meanwhile, HAPPY NEW MONTH

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