Alright, so its been a long time I posted…
I’m very sorry about that… We’re here again and there’s lots in store. Meanwhile… Still in the spirit of Easter, Happy Celebrations!

It’s amazing how big we appear to be amongst our peers and other friends,
everyone around is trying to “BE”.
Take a chill pill,

Have you taken time to imagine the view of the geographical area where you stay?- as though you were in a plane.
Note that, in your area, there are sky scrappers, bungalows and all sorts of intimidating building structure…Yeaa, I call them intimidating* I know you grab..
Looking at them from the plan/top view all you can see is just the area each of the buildings occupy and not the kind of structure on it.
What then does this imply in real life situation– if you’re the ‘Big’ type,you’re big for yourself alone and if you’re the ‘Wide’ type, you cover more area than Big.
Stop trying to “be” or rather wishing to “be” before you touch people around you, the truth is — if you couldn’t touch them whilst you were your former, unless through discipline, you won’t be able to do so when you’re finally “there”.
So, don’t wait till you “be” but start from your very BEginning.
Remember the what Easter stands for? Why don’t you allow everyday be your Easter!

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