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There’s something I’ve wanted to write about for a while but didn’t get the chance to… Finally, I did do and done it.(lol)..

Learning to shut up!

The tongue

One of the most essential part of the human sense organ; one which also aids speech and helps depict sweetness from bitterness, also one of the most powerful tool humans have within their reach to change things as well as turn circumstances around. Yet,the most misused.
During a bible study session with the youths in my church, we took time to breakdown the afore written attributes of the tongue as well as its usage in this part of the world.
The misunderstood perception by man,
The ability misuse.
This would be a sweet continuation of the *Authority we possess as priced possessions of the Almighty, the power in the tongue.
Yorubas have this tendency of speaking negatively- this I say cos I’m of this origin- yet they know how to pray, such prayers you would never have thought necessary. I brought this tribe into this post cos I think they’ve tapped a little into this power- especially the negative part, they therefore have learnt to take caution in using insults. It’s amazing a mother would be speaking to her offspring with an ironic figure of speech even as insults flow within, as a warning.
You see,its a simple logic- a farmer knows what the cutlass can do, so in disciplining his child whilst in the farm he either uses the side of the cutlass with care or gets comfortable with a thin dry log.

A major determinant of the compatibility of a couple is actually seen in how they relate- their relationship. Shouldn’t there be a proper use of the tongue here?
Disrespect or disregard for the each other speech-wise would result in a break up.
Little wonder there are still sweet looking singles with none to mingle with, as a result of their character, their choice of words-their speech. *Not saying all out there are under this category, just saying- some fall under this.

In understanding the power of the tongue, it would be proper then to add this;
*Pray for a bridled tongue,
only then can you enjoy the sweetness in its power,you would see the evident change in how you relate with people.

*If you must control your tongue… you must let go of your right to complain; One of the causes of break ups is complaints. You should understand that no one is perfect,therefore there would be room for one or two offences– even Jesus put the seventy times seventy seven times gap.
The Lord is perfect and knows what you need, your complaints would be like you asking for a car when He knows you need it not yet.
*You don’t have to be right all of the time*,you only need to be on the right path*
*Learn to ask for forgiveness; Since there’s room for offense,there’s room for forgiveness- You just need to ask!
Ask God
Ask Him or Her,
Remember “……As we forgive others who trespass against us…” part of psalm 23.

*Practice speaking words that are edifying,encouraging..
Always be cautious of the fact that; the power of life and death flows out of the tongue… [proverbs 18:21]
Do exercise your Authority wisely!

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