A wonderful day it really has been for me, uhm, maybe ‘cos I did cook my bean pudding myself (only I know how it tastes).

How have you been? Enjoying the may-weather right? Lol.
This write is the freshest so far and since it’s weekend I’ve decided to drop it today.
I’ll Advise,
You read thoughtfully 😁.
Chill, Did you read Eternal love? Click here to check it out, I’m sure you’ll *love it!
– be like cloth you cannot do without,
Wonderful regalias that you
Surely want to have.
They cause your smile
And keep you raged,
They stay awhile
And keep you engaged.
They’re that second motivation
– for good and bad –
After you.

Don’t mind those who
Claim to
– fall in love
With you.
They’re that foundation
You’re usually watchful of,
The ones that join you to play
And play it rough.
And are rarely there
When the times are tough.
The ones who know not love,
But, profess it like brewed cough.
One day,
They’ll find out they’re drowning,
See you and suddenly -start frowning,
Murmur at every bits of your success,
Wishing within for quick access
To find another you.
A good ground
To nest and
Leaving you
Stylishly to steep dismay.
These types are
– The hypocrites,
Close to you like super glue,
But are north to your north(like magnets),
Never grow your worth,
Leave you blue,
– A psycho.
Be better off with those who grew
Into the love,
Those whose roots are
Firmly butressed
— aren’t floating.
Those who stick around;
To say ‘HI!’ when you’re down;
Keep you ‘Fly’ when you drown
Fit on you all the time– like clothing,
Help get you to do emotion smoldering.
They –
Sound ‘Y’ello!’ when you need a clown;
And are a cover when you need cloaking,
Say – goodbye,
But, never forever,
Rather, there for better.
At their peaks
They’re like interpreted seasons
A succession of individuals differing
— In countenance, speech and reasons.
They’re like weathers you seek;
Rain — to wash off your tears,
Harmattan — to wither your fears,
And the Sun — to nourish your shares.
Those whose closeness get others
Confused about you,
Whose presence heal the
Contused you.
Those who are firmly 
Infused with you,
They are –
The blood outside family
Called Family.

True friends are like 

Opposite sides of magnet, 

– “Always attracted”.

What are friends like to you?
Be kind to share with the world…

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