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One part of the human body I appreciate more ,apart from the mouth and digestive system, is the eye. It is the one that aids vision and relays information to the brain And it has several abilities common to humans generally and to specific individuals. Little wonder it’s replica, the camera has its features embedded in it yet not all.

Have you ever tried looking at two things – an object and it’s background- simultaneously? How does it feel? Hard right? Yes… I bet you found it difficult and had to shift focus from the background to the object and versa, well that’s how we were created to be, unable to serve two masters at a time, even the digital camera has this ability as it brings out the beauty of the picture.
I was looking at how honey and other relevant utilities are gotten and the stress that people go through. The honey, is the motivation and the stress, something that has to be overcame. Let’s look at gold in its raw form and when it goes through its refining process. Without refining, you’ll have gold- yes- but devalued and impure.

We, as humans, are known to be hardworking, though not as the ant, but the majority of this work ends up being futile… Why?!
Our eyes are set on the goal but our minds isn’t ready to follow the process, neglecting the fact that- without the process, the gotten goal is useless. You’ll wonder why the proverb ” he who works for something would know how to maintain it than he who got it freely” usually suits in, in most cases.
Funny thing is, most people want to have something but don’t know what they want to be, my friend, shift focus…
Know what you want to be and work towards it and you’ll be amazed by what you get.
Remember! Shift focus!

Finally, today happens to be the last in May. June begins in few hours from now, I’ll leave you with this, it is a quote I stumbled upon not long ago-

“Make the choice today, to work on ‘being something’ not ‘having something’.”

By one of my dearies.
Do you know?
This is the interpretation of what Jesus told Peter, when he was to become a Fisher of men!!

Important:What’s your drive for the year?!

Hope it was imparting.
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