Did you know? The heart takes a longer time to disconnect from something?
Hmmmm. Well now you know why your eyes have power of retention and why breaking a relationship is usually uninteresting.
Be careful with your choice of partner, don’t rush – your parents won’t be in the marriage with you when
the outcome surfaces ooo… You know what I mean..
A quick one, to clear an erroneous believe,
Money is just an exchange to get what you need.- it’s not the influencer, it’s not what builds nor sustains love even though people are taking it as a priority. Attention and communication well infuses marriage, so if you think something is wrong with your marriage – it’s not love, check those two.
Also, don’t get married because everyone is doing so, wait. (Even Davido cef is not married yet…lol) The planning you put in place before you get married really matters.

An elder sister spoke about her hatred and fear for a subject- you should know… Mathematics. Going in details to how she was usually frustrated by the complexity of the subject and explained her ordeal, the hatred was really worth it (lol), why? It was never painted as simple and easy, the right orientation wasn’t there- that attention that helps get attached to something wasn’t there either. She was just there, helpless, a victim of her teacher’s torment. She was influenced negatively and pushed off by the teacher’s attitude.
Abeg, if you are out there and in this situation, i mean as the teacher, just know that there’s nothing good you know how to do, without a good attitude.
Let them know -‘The subject is not hard, it only has been painted that way.’ and end it with — lemme show you how.
Simply put,
-Don’t influence people negatively because of freedom of choice,
-Make yourself accessible, and
-‎Be friendly.

Structure your life to influence people and don’t just be the “influenced”.
Begin to take your life in an intentional manner, having it at the back of your mind that- in everything you do there’s a time frame, it doesn’t come up just like that!

If what you do does not influence people, you are just living, not making a living.

— I love this quote.

Influencing comes out well when you work further, not relenting. So what then are the ways people get influenced?
Directly, this is usually unintentional e.g your boss and indirectly, usually an intentional influence to get something from you – the social media influencer, even artistes, remember Davido’s Assurance?
So, you wonder why you do what you do?
Take a look at your influencer list, you have;
– Entertainment (this moves you easily),
– ‎The people sitting next to you ( their dress, confidence, boldness, etc),
– ‎That friend within the neighborhood (Yes…the one you like…) and
– ‎Your society (the environmental impact and social media).

These are really why you do what you do unintentionally, because everyone  is looking for an environment to influence themselves.
To influence,
you need create that environment – positively, and until you do this, you are not there yet. I guess you never knew an entrepreneur is actually someone who finds a solution to a problem and yet makes money from his discovery? Hehehehehe! Now you do.

The planning you put in place before you do anything matters, therefore,
The first thing to do is to have a purpose- for influencing (you might need streamlining it though)… You don’t naturally eat because eating is good, do you? You’re either working on your height (my short friends), your looks or more, these are your purposes. *Define your purpose*
Next is the potential- the skills you want to put into it must be the same as the one you have… You’re not going to put up an advert saying ‘grab your neatly baked cake here’ because you “think” you can bake, you should possess the skills.  *Understand your own potential*
Next is patience -because you have something that will help others doesn’t mean they’re going to accept it straight up. You should know – if you don’t change the people, you can’t change the system. To change the people, you need learn what catches them, what they spend their time on and more. All of these are only achieved when you’re patient. *Be exceptionally patient*
That’s how you change your society!
Be aware; that whether intentionally or not,  you are influencing people.
Remember the illustration.
Lastly, Help others, it also influences.
Your deeds go ahead of you to setup the future- that little help, that gift, that time, that little thing counts. *Be of help*

Influence is the power (you have) to manipulate the course of action of someone’s life.
So, who should be your influence?
When choosing who influences you, you should know where you are going to,
and do not expose yourself to anybody you don’t want to influence you, remember- you gradually look like whom you look at.
Take time to ask yourself,
Is your vision same as that of your influencer?
Does it align with your purpose?
What image do they give when named?
The last person you want for an influence is one with a negatively portrayed image.

The motivation you give to yourself kills your low esteem, -you motivate yourself, but influence others and the extent to which you prepare is the extent to which you influence.

This is a synopsis actually from Divine Steward’s Youth Breakfast Meeting. Don’t a message with the bot to get information on next meeting date.
Anchored by– Mr. Deji Adewunmi
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