I want to ‘live’ the pride of my birthday here too… twas June 26, and was remarkable.
In the same spirit of remark-ability, i want you to impart someones life just a little before June elopes.
Be nice to spread a smile.

Dwell on the good

Sometimes, you never know the measure of pain someone takes to put a smile on_
so when next you see that smile, appreciate it!
Recently I followed a friend out and we were having this sweet discussion but I was the only one laughing, I noticed and decided to play along.. it happened again and again- this time I was curious to know why, but, it appeared I didn’t need to ask why. I made a comment on the hairdo and gbam! that was it, like every other person she was under the stress of pulled hair and every contortion of the face would cause a pull on the scalp- you know what pain it brings don’t you? (as a fellow female)

It was then it dawned on me that all I could see was the “not smiling part” I couldn’t see the pain.
This triggered the story of the blind man by the pool; all he could see was his inability to see, no one to help and so could not sense that his day of redemption was at hand, he could not sense that the person he was conversing with was the solution, He heard the voice but didn’t understand the Statement – Wouldst thou be made whole?

Most of us find ourselves in this category, we tend to draw out the “Not” in a situation, putting ourselves in a corner where in actual sense is a way. But, because we don’t understand that every problem is a test- you pass you move to the next. We get carried away and begin to trouble ourselves.

power to transformHere’s the thing,
After I knew why she didn’t smile,I grabbed- Although she still smiled.
After all the interview,Jesus grabbed- Yet, still made him whole.
So, do you grab?
You need change your “Not” psyche and make it positive- only then can you change the corner to a pathway.

Don’t intoxicate yourself with something being worse. You’ll only give it a chance to get worse – ME

WAIT! You should read this; Don’t get married… YET
Dwell on the good!
Don’t forget to share. Nice weekend you!

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