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So, I was in a bus to my state…(Ogun) and this overzealous school boy was
about to alight and didn’t want to wait for the vehicle to stop.

Well, cos ‘This is Nigeria’, people began to give remarks as to how his injurious fall would be. Most of them gave the loss of his set of teeth as their verdict merely looking at how the situation was, but just the conductor commented- his ribs/ side bones. This this was really it!

The Sieving.

Logically, as an unexperienced rookie that he was, he was just going to jump out without stance.
Stance was all he needed, knowing the direction to tilt towards (he was to recline) whilst he came off the vehicle in motion.
This is usually the situation we tend to find ourselves as humans generally. In our quest to spread out our tentacles, we tap from the wrong source for information, for advice and as such fail in several attempts.

Now, because the Carpenter works with the builders doesn’t make him a builder, he would proffer building advices only based on what he has seen, you should rather meet the builders.

Getting advised by the right person is tantamount to about 75% of the successes you will ever get, the rest falls on how you utilized it.

Yea, the rest of the story? He didn’t jump after all, his impatience died down as the vehicle came to a halt for him, letting him alight.
Remember, in the long run, it doesn’t fall on the advice you sook, it falls on the ones you took, shook, cooked and used.

Read this? The power of positive thoughts.

Don’t be too wise not to ask nor too lazy to neglect the sieving. – Me.

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