Two steps to the right
And to the left,
Faces not seeming light
Like they were happiness bereft.

Twas dusk before noon
And the songs decided to take a nap
Two minutes to the program

Leaving the leader frantic
Like an unsteady ship

Soon the heat of the moment
Became the stimulation of actions
Looking here and there for plausibilities
An assertiveness lost in reactions.

Nervousness: a chorister’s pause

Fifteen minutes in the desert.
– a chorister’s pause.

Tis a common thing, Nervousness,
And People are used to talking about how not to be nervous, fighting nervousness and the likes… Wouldn’t you like to know how to get nervous instead?
Let’s get nervous together!

What’s nervousness cef?
This is simply the state of being nervous.
You are nervous when you start sweating without physical exertion. This can cause you to have problems with being focused. You may feel your heart beating fast, your palms might sweat or feel clammy, and you may even feel a little bit shaky and out of control.

So, how do you get nervous?
Different people have different instances of nervousness some are listed below;
– Going for an interview
– ‎Preparing for a debate
– ‎Taking the lead role
– ‎Public speaking / singing
Oh, and yes… Planning to propose to bae.. and more..

So, what’s really nervy in all these cef?
Well, could it be the fact that you are doing it for the first time, you are in front of a crowd or maybe due to the information you heard about the organization or even, the fact that others seem to be well advanced than you are. All of these are true and one more is lack of proper preparation.(someone would say… I should have mentioned this first)

So, what’s next?
I’ll say gaining nerve in your nervousness becoming one who exploits this defect as a form of defense, simply put, becoming immune to your nervousness.
You’d be thinking how?
Let’s look at what it does to you – rapid breathing and thumping heartbeat, sweating profusely, inconsistencies in speaking, shakiness and finally loss in control.
From the base,
prepare and stop intimidating yourself, you know your capabilities and should work on improving.

 You can’t be like others, else there would actually be no others so, work on being yourself, you could get a mentor for this.

 ‎Next is to carry out a simple on-the-spot therapy. Breathing heavily? Try deep breaths (a minimum of three) from time to time to get accustomed to it, this also helps subside anger.
Then, you shift focus, from the ones you see to the ones you visualize simply thinking positively.
If need be, leave where you are to free up yourself from environmental noise, not really sounds but images before heading in for your hit.

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It’s all in your head remember? no one knows you’re nervous until you transmit it to them, so relax and enjoy the moment – it’s yours!
When the sound in your head begins to spell bad, pause it and say positive things to yourself.

Finally, my advice for you-

Get nervous, it only illustrates the fact that you are challenging yourself to be better.-Me 

Enjoy this from Forbes.
For most of us, nervousness comes with new opportunities and challenges. If we didn’t have that awful feeling occasionally, that would suggest we’re not pushing our boundaries. People who live inside their comfort zone and continue to do the same work feel comfortable. They don’t feel nervous. If you’re feeling nervous, remind yourself it’s most likely because you’re pushing your career forward. One day the situation that currently makes you nervous will be your new norm, and then it will be time to seek out new nerve-inducing opportunities. Knowing you’re choosing to engage in the very thing that’s making you nervous makes it easier to push back your shoulders and knock off that gremlin.

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