Rain rain go away, come again another day…
This September ehn?!

A cold day it has been for me, and I’ve been thinking… If I invited you over for a cup of coffee, would you join me?☕

But, seriously I’m hungry today and would love a delicious meal, maybe one I’ve never tasted… Hot and spicy! (Lol)

Seen a snake before?
Certainly you should know that a newborn snake can die of starvation just like any human??

Well, when it’s born, it searches for its first food- failure to get one after some days or a day– brings about its death.
if it catches a rat today…it would go for something bigger the next time.
are you still a baby Christian?
Are you still struggling with the first meal
– like the snake which dies cos it failed to get what to eat, when others have moved on to getting other meals?
Are you constantly refilling yourself?

For a while, I thought to myself – what’s the essence of spending three or two hours cooking just to finish within thirty minutes?
what’s the essence of charging the phone just to use up the battery again.
But then, it dawned on me – in all you do, the cooking,the charging, the motive is to get the best out of the meal or the phone.
I can’t imagine eating a meal that is “Substandard”– Yuck!
What’s refill?
It’s simply to fill something again, usually with more of the same thing.
The idea of the refill is to keep you strong, in this case, in faith.
     The more of a person you know, the better you relate with them is the philosophy.

The more of God you know,the easier and better it is to relate with Him.

Check, re-check and create a better relationship with The Father today and be constantly refilled through Him.

That done, I’m still starving ooo. A sweet bean soup and Poundedyam would do, what do you think?🍛
Your comments would be appreciated!!
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