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Some days ago we were preparing for a Sunday service and it was certainly something we had never done before. Our concern was on making it memorable, we had rehearsed or rather, practiced a special song and were preparing for the worship and praise session, literally we were ready before the last rehearsal till it happened.

I had prayed my heart out severally concerning the program, I had carried out my part in the conversation… I only did not wait for the reply.

During the course of the week, I had had the opportunity to listen to an open talk on hearing from God and how insane some of the things heard might be. I was also privileged to listen to life story of benefits of obedience and outcome of disbelief or delay as some may put it.
It certainly was a challenger for me…
And guess what?! I took it up blindly.

What happened at the last rehearsal?
A shocker! Every arrangements scattered and all I could do was sit and mutter some words of prayer and encouragement – like everyone else would do when faced with a pulse pulling situation.
I was scared, “the program is going to be a disaster” I thought, I spoke to my friend and he was giving me bits of advice – it is well, it would go well… Yet, I wasn’t convinced until I lost my writes!

How? I dunno.
I had pleaded with some friends to stay behind to rehearse my session but opening my note (on mobile) they all began to self delete – Twas OdD. We couldn’t do anything and I was more dejected and became ‘the consoled’.
Home was calling, and my heart was heavy, I really wanted to fill my pillow with tears but… It didn’t happen that way, rather, something dropped into my subconscious self and I began to tell my friend…

What if God was trying to speak to me?
What if all He was asking for was – let me lead?
What if that was why he wiped my writes?
Could they have been my punishment for disobedience?

And at that spot, I just pushed all and let them slide, I was done thinking too much about the program.

Alas! The program went well. And it was really nice, we couldn’t have made His glory appear in a much unique way. I was delighted. I took it as an affirmative situation that all was actually a way to get to me at the end.

Yes! So you prayed? And so?
What makes you think your prayer is enough to make it happen? Oh, your rehearsals? They’re just routines if you don’t listen to what he wants you to do. That’s the listening aspect,
When you listen to what He wants you to do… You’ll do better than those who rehearse more frequent than you do – Grace takes over only when God has the Mace.

I received a notification two days after the event held. The writes were back! In the same note I saw empty… I saw them all back in different categories as I had aligned them before and my heart skipped. It had just confirmed the series of events that took place.

This, is my miracle!
Not everyone gets a second chance, remember when you mistakenly wiped your memory card… That feeling? Yes, that’s what I felt, unlike you, I got my writes back.

Listen! And don’t stop listening to God.

Soon, I’ll start sharing songs that have been just awesome, I hope you would like it!

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