Dunno what intro to begin with….📣📣
How often do I miss you?
Everyday! I wouldn’t mind if I had a little lot of you with me at all times.

A special poem.

   A little lot of you.

Is it the scent or you?
That turns me red from blue.
Is it the petals or you?
That pulls me out of blues.
Or is it just you
– with a daisy cue.

Here I am
Perpetually Drawn in,
By your melanin laced pigments,
Bemused by a desire to admire
Your exquisite prints of Grace.
Is it the flower,
Or is it just you?
Or a fractional illusion
Of you within.

Bound by your bright smile
And unalterable beauty,
I’ll reach out to accept
This pleasurable duty;
With care, love and devotion
To tend and nourish you
To comfort you in fooled moon,
Be your warmth in frigid noons,
To ensure,
You, Not just the flower,
A little lot of you keeps growing in me.

– Me

Dedicated to love away from home
We always would be together, if we would grow within ourselves.

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