This was actually written for October 1st, do enjoy and be challenged!

Once in dependency we florished;
though we lived not in a land with milk and honey
nor were we a people with so much money.
there was love and absurd unity,
peace and even ethnic diversity.
we had patriotic compatriots!

Arise now! oh compatriot,
it’s Nigeria’s call,
wouldn’t you obey?
How much have you served your fatherland
with great love and strength and faith?
Whether the labour of our heroes past
shall end up just in vain
– it’s left to us,
our patriotism to ascertain,
– it’s left to our deeds;
an enemy to tame and a brother to save.
Yes, it’s true,
sometimes they don’t deserve it,
You, just do.
Hopefully, a day will arise,
they’ll remember – you once lived.

Today, we celebrate our past heroes;
ones who went through deadly throes
to ensure that this day ensues.
What then shall we be remembered for?
Heroic deeds or Cowardice?
Shall we be blessed in death
Or roam with cursed bones?
 – it’s a decision to make-
When you save a brother,
you save a nation;
for a nation divided against itself cannot stand.
This is the time to make a choice,
– to take a stance
– to be the one who makes people rejoice.
Yes, it’s true,
sometimes they don’t deserve it,
You, just do.
Hopefully, a day will arise,
they’ll remember – you once lived.

Thought of the greatest hero yet?
He who bled and died
to save us from death’s gallow.
You should be like Him.
He knew that persecution would arise
that temptations wouldnt be suffice.
He knew that it wasn’t deserved,
Yet, He did it!
Now when the books are opened,
We know – He lives…

Be like Jesus,
Let your spirit re-live through every generations
– Just do it!
For what they lost and thought to fund in lust,
you found in Jesus.
Now, it’s your turn to find them,
those lost in thought,
the thought og gain through lust.

Yes, October 1st is Nigeria’s Independence day,
But ours should be daily.
Inasmuch as heaven is continually joyous
over that one soul that returns
and is independent of sin each day.
Independency in christ is death,
In dependency in christ, we florish
And independency from sin florishes us!

Make everyday someone’s independence day,
and become that souls
Upsurging Hero.

Enough of talking about the past, what are you doing to enter into the books of heroes?
Are you still arguing about the economy when you should be getting things in place?
Spearhead a revolution,
Let someone benefit from your well and make people Independent.
Once more, Happy Independence Day!!!

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