King of the street is a special poem finely written in Pidgin, a language widely spoken in this side of the world.
When asked what the inspiration to this poem was, the writer had this to say… “T’was past 4am I think, and I had this thought…Child of the world.”

Enjoy this beautiful blend – King of the Street; slave to sin.

You’re the King of the Street
A Slave to Sin
Everybody dey hear ya story from far and near.
Each time you pass the streets dem dey hail you for every corner

Twale! Twale!! Twale Baba!!! dey sweet ya body
“After you na you” dey burst ya medulla…
When kasala burst,u standa gidigba. E Neva start if you no dey dia!

You’re the King of the Street
A Slave to Sin
A Child of the World

To break bottle 4 pesin head no dey hard you!
You no dey think twice;conscience you no get!
Dem don tell you plenty times “Life nobi laidat”
“Oga,leave DAT mata,iffa no jaiye 4 dz world….Weytin I gain?” Na ya anthem…

Dem say “Police na ya friend”,but u no fear dem atal. You no gree hear word, strong head na em you get. U no
even fear to die!

You’re the King of the Street
A Slave to Sin
A Child of the World

U dey smoke anyhow…”Shine,Shine bobo” dey give you joy
Ya laive don cast,e nor get value again…Naso Maale dey sing am 4 ya ear!
U no even send anybody!
Small time dem dey find you;You get case to ansa!
Dem say you don break law wey dey ground.

“Japaa…No retreat!..No surrender!!” Nobody see ya breaklight for area again!
You don package yasef with juju…No shaking,Ogbeni!!!

You no wan change! You don forget say everything na “Vanity upon Vanity”
Ya turn dey come…Na only God sabi how to handle you!

To all of una wey dey  encourage “Thuggery”,take a deep breath! Think am twice🤔..If you cause kasala 4 street,Weytin u gain???

Say NO to Thuggery!
End Violence Now!!

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