The smile,
the upthrusting joy,
the lights,
the beautiful jingles,

the amazing decorations, 
the cosy family gatherings,
those wonderful delicacies,
the cocktails and yes! the cock’s family.
Oftentimes i get confused;
Now, maybe more perplexed than i used to be.
Some days ago my neighbours were tussling,
but sure, in some weeks they’ll be laughing,
and as it’s fortnight approaches,
they’ll stop talking.
They are the best couple yet;
preparing earnestly for how Christmas would be,
considering not how their relationship has been.
Some say Christmas is a season of love,
some others see it as a period to make up for lost times,
a time to
– be a source of motivation to others,
– to take stuffs to the needy,
… Forget those!
How about the fire crackers? Big meat?
Never ending parties? Periodic changes in the wardrobe?
Changes in climate? Family get together?
New friends and maybe friends exchange?
Oh! the wonderful carols sung in churches?

Mama Joy and sister Caro are best of friends;
they never look  each other in the eye,
but talk to each other only when problems occur.
They are very good when it comes to support
But never seem to find a discussion to concur.
Still in some days,
They’ll cook delicious delicacies,
exchange and thrash,for fear of poisoning,
instruct their children to be cautious of one another,
yet relate with exchange of smiles.

What if we choose not to hurt ourselves any longer,
what if choose to be far from malice than friends,
what if, over hate, we chose forgiveness,
what if we decide to love, for what it is,not what it brings.
Then, [Perhaps] Christmas wouldn’t be a season,
rather a transient moment constantly reflecting in our every day lives.
Inspired by Okon Jude.
It’s really been a long time, but here’s a nice Christmas card from me to you, before Christmas itself plays out.
I hope you’ll enjoy it!
Lemme know what you think in the comments section below, would you?
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