Its a brand new year and it’s waiting patiently for nobody. If you had failed to make alive your vision for the previous year, I believe you should have begun to – think, plan and launch out this year.
Happy 2019!
A sequel to KOTS and another eye opener, with a wonderful mix of pidgin. This post sets to remove the turfs preventing you as a youth, Nigerian youth especially, from realizing the truth about gangsterism. 

Enough has been said, but not done concerning this and the truth is, the easiest way to actualisation of change in this aspect is acting it out. 
Read on and find out more of what this post tends to eliminate as well as elucidate.

Dem say “Hardwork dey pay” and “Pesin wey no sabi work no go see food chop”
Bible confam am say na pesin wey foolish go fit build house on top sand…

You no get any “legit work”
Na to dey pursue one danfo upandan,dey collect money wey u no work for..
U go dey ‘gara’ on top pesin sweat..Another pesin money dey totori ya belle!

You be ‘Agbero’ (Street tout)
All you wish to achieve is a way of exploiting bus drivers who work all day- the scorching sun,heavy rain and the late nights
Sometimes you engage in physical combat with the bus drivers; you seize their belongings because you feel ya being taken for a fool.

The wounds on ya face have so disfigured you that you need ‘bandages and plaster’ to configure ya rough face.

You be fool wey no get tool. Ya laive no dey add value!
U go dey waka upandan from one beer parlour to another make you shark small.
One,two,three,four up to the sixth bottle…You still dey gidigba!
Ya eye don red! To go house na problem,you don weak! If you waka anyhow,na gutter straight be ya bedroom DAT night…
Shame no dey catch you! All those ppu wey dey ‘learn work’ wey don stand on their own no get two head na…
Why not learn a trade?
Life is a step at a time,my brother!

Anything wey wear skirt dey format ya brain!
You go hardly look,commot eye!
Shey naso dem dey marry wife?
You wey no get job shey u go sabi how to maintain wife?

You womanize,sleep around and fail to remember that ‘deadly disease’ is live in town!
You’ve been bought over by the mentality: ‘If you must have unprotected sex,use Condom.’
This may be true but haven’t you thought of it as a sin against God and humanity especially ‘having sex against the person’s wish’?

The Emotional Trauma?
Unwanted Pregnancy?
To mention a few…..

Lemme remind you of a story late last year of a young man who enjoyed the game,went several rounds but at the seventh round,gave up the ghost! Even though news had it that it was just a game of bet (Who strong pass)….Chai

Naso em life end…His life had no photocopy!
He’s gone and gone forever till the day of judgement..

What anyone could have done for him is to mourn with the deceased family,sign the condolence register,attend his funeral and life goes on!
That one minute pleasure has led to eternal doom…. What a pity!

The Nigerian youths have been seen as ‘lazy folks’.And there has never been a time blaming the govt has brought a lasting solution to this menace.

We’re either faulted,wooed with a penny or bamboozled.
Good enough!…They act once and keep silent twice!

Take a look at those youths who’ve taken their future in their hands without waiting for a penny from the govt- their works,earnings and dignity of labor has created a niche for them.
They’re making it irrespective of govt support…

The govt must be at alert to her responsibilities but when they fail to be,what do you do?
We’re the Leaders of Tomorrow ;Our tomorrow is awakened by the plans we make NOW!

Would you rather remain the ‘King of the Street’ and a ‘Slave to Sin’?
The Lazy Nigerian Youth?
Or……The Risk Taker?

You know say “Half bread better pass puff puff”
So,e better make you get something wey fit put food on ya table than make you go dey find pesin wey go feed you or pesin wey u go use  play wayo..
He go catch fish but na to chop am be ya own!

Why u no fit learn how to catch fish?
Na pesin wey get ear dey hear word o…..
(A word is enough for the wise)


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