Friends are like Apples.They’re sweet,lovely and help you have a great taste of life.
Friendship is one thing everyone loves to own,there’s just that kinda vibe it adds to us!
Friendship if be true,must be built on Trust,Love and Commitment but sadly,the trio is most times either missing or one outta the three is not in place.

I’m not the very jovial person,
One who loves to make a million friends so I wouldn’t bother boasting of my large “Friend-ships“yet I strongly believe “Friendship” is one of the building blocks in one’s existence.
On a lighter mode,I think I can count the number of  friends I have (Laughs) unlike some who’re so gifted with numerous friends.
To me,It’s not a function of having a good or bad character. I’d rather say it’s just my kinda person!

I noticed a good number of folks don’t really understand and even lack the knowledge of the true essence of friendship and all they have are “Friend-ships”.
They’ve got lots of friends yet they hardly figure out “who and who” stays true even in their darkest moments!

Don’t get me wrong here…I’m in no way trying to discourage ya act of making friends or ya choice of multiple friendships.
My point is… How many of them are loyal to the cause called FRIENDSHIP?
Of course,without fear of the unknown and if there is,they’re ever ready and willing to stand by you!

I don’t support the “Trust No one” mentality even though it’s seen clearly in today’s world that TRUST seems unavailable in most relationships!
It is said that: T.R.U.S.T is a five letter word that can either make or mar any friendship and TRUE FRIENDS will never hurt you to prove a point!
I totally agree with those words but the problem remains,who’s to be trusted wholly in this age?
Are there still trustworthy folks?

The trio TRUST-LOVE-COMMITMENT shouldn’t be absent in any friendship no matter what. Sadly,it’s hard for all to be present and if at all they’re intact,”Doubt” sets in!

How far?
How well?
What’s the future like for us?
These questions bring doubt in our minds especially when trust is unavailable..

Do you agree with me? Well…I’d leave you to answer that

There are different categories of friends.
∆ Friends for season
∆ Career Friends
∆ Spiritual Friends
∆ Inspirational/Motivational Friends

Whichever category you are or belong,trust is pertinent!
You may have to struggle to keep the friendship or let it go…

Truth be told, if you ask some folks why they keep friends,you may get shocking answers like:
°°°I just love being with people
°°°I love being jovial
°°°I don’t like a boring life (I laugh)
To some,friendship with influential people is a great deal.
Others,prefer “Friends with Benefits”
They don’t just understand the essence of true friendship!

Most times,the question “Does this person who you call ya friend recognize you as one?” abi “Na just by mouth?” comes to mind especially if that friend is influential…
It’s good to identify with people like that you know cos they may bless ya ministry. But,ya motive behind such friendship matters a lot!

A good or bad motive?

Oh….Yes! I can’t forget that one thing that drives my friendship so well is the seven letter word R.E.S.P.E.C.T. I strongly believe that Respect has a vital role in friendship or relationship as you may call it and must be maintained at all cost.
For me,even if I must play (shine teeth) with my friends,we must learn to respect each other irrespective of age,gender,class,tribe,level of intelligence etal.
It’s valuable and adds values to relationships/friendships.
Once respect is outta the game,then something is wrong and must be corrected.
Sometimes,I have to become selective with my choice of friends.
I’m sorry,it may hurt some who feel they should be among my league of friends but unfortunately, they aren’t!

It’s my choice not yours! It’s not Pride!!!


I feel friendship is not a matter of “how much” or “how far” rather it’s “how we’ve gone so far”.
      I get plenty friends no mean say all of them they think better thing about me…


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