I’m proud of my country, Nigeria. She’s blessed with very religious people but I’m a bit worried that the prevailing conditions in the society today is alarming even with the presence of massive religious centres and prayer houses respectively.

I’d like to salute every Jesus’ Soldier who tirelessly intercede for Nigeria. May the Lord bless y’all.
I wouldn’t like to sound too churchy, extremely spiritual or try to be a Bible Scholar. Truth be told, there’s a pertinent need to face the realities of life. We seem to have failed to realize the difference between  “Spirituality” and “Reality“.

It’s disheartening and of course, very disappointing that the Body of Christ (The Church) is in serious struggle with UNDERSTANDING THE TRUE ESSENCE OF LOVE. I say this with due respect and a great sense of responsibility.

Sadly, we despise, discriminate and feed our lips with harsh words against our brother yet we expect the Lord to “Fill us with His Love”. “Eyeservice” has crept into the Church -Unannounced!
1 JOHN 4:16 describes LOVE as God’s nature. Interestingly, we’re born of GOD and we’re expected to live in His FULLNESS. Unfortunately, what we see in Churches is the opposite of what the Bible instructs. The Love as of OLD is growing COLD…You know?
Our fault..right?


  Humanly speaking, this is almost impossible. Even our Religious Leaders and Spiritual Fathers will find it really difficult to try talkless do. It takes GRACE…
1 JOHN 3:17 encourages us to help a “Brother In Need”. In other words, we’re to avoid sentiments and look beyond his flaws – No criticisms.
Do it with all your heart. Not grudgingly; Love In Action!
  Again, JOHN 15:9 affirms to us that the FATHER has loved the SON and the SON has loved US (His Children). Therefore, we’re admonished to REMAIN IN LOVE!
In clear terms, let not your love for a brother be out of compulsion or lipservice. Love Wholeheartedly!

Ever felt you haven’t expressed love enough? Maybe to your spouse, family, friend, colleagues at work or brother in Christ?
Any feeling of guilt?
How have you dealt with it?
Truly, such feeling arises, sometimes it looks weird why we should and as a result, we feel disappointed. Other times, situations beyond our control prevents our routine act of kindness. JOHN 3:16 often reminds of how JESUS gave His life for the remission of our sins through the LOVE OF GOD. He never looked at our flaws, social status and level of commitment to Him. But then, He adviced us to believe in Him in order to enjoy eternal life.

My Sincere Apologies, but I’ll like to clearly state that nowadays, we see criticizing our brother as the perfect way of expressing love and yet in his absence speak ill of him. We’ve become “Grade One Monitoring Spirit” – setting out to look at the bad sides of people, but having our eyes full of specks!
We take little or no actions, Just unnecessary reactions! ‘He’s this…He’s that!’ – We condemn, Play comparison and refuse to lend a helping hand..


As Christains, what matters to me should be of great concern to you…abi?
Thinks deeply…
I know true fellowship to be between people of the same interest with the sole aim of building one another.
It also involves studying God’s word together, encouraging one another and being a brother’s keeper- a burden bearer!
Sincerely, I think we’re loosing its true essence so quick! I feel we’ve created a gap between the less privileged, average persons and the rich class.
Everyone loves to be part of the clique – The clique of the “High and Mighty”.
Who no like better thing?
Sometimes,I’m left in awe when we’re sold out to the mentality- “They have nothing to offer me”.
It’s heart-crunching… And not true!

  A problem shared is a problem solved, remember? Well, in today’s world nobody wants to be disturbed by another person’s problems so we’re expected to deal with our issues individually. True… But even when you can be of help, why hesitate?
Our reaction is usually “Nobi only you get problem, Me sef get my own.”
In ignorance, preferring to give large into a “fat purse” rather than little to a “Brother In Need!”. We think giving large into that fat purse “attracts unusual blessings” than giving to that brother in dire need.
Like Cain in Genesis 4:9, we care less of our brother, we’re desperate of getting into high positions and still envious of a brother who’s burning for the Lord!

We’ve welcomed the “Money speaks Leadership” into the Church. It’s practically no longer who’s faithful but who’s HANDfull – Money rules! Positions are given because of what’s put on the table not service rendered in sincerity!
In Church, he’s my BROTHER INDEED, outside, He’s my BROTHER FOR MOUTH!
Our lips says he’s our Friend; Our mind thinks otherwise!
It’s a pity that BROTHERLY LOVE sounds like a Greek word in our HANDBOOK (Bible) today!
Where’s the Love?

Ever thought about this?
What if… Christ’s Love is based on “Terms and Conditions”,
  ➡Will you be able to meet those conditions appropriately?
  ➡What’ll become of you today?
  ➡Where’ll you be?…In the land of the living or six feet below planet earth?
  ➡Can you confidently say you deserve His love?
 Think twice before you answer these questions…

Dear Readers,
To wrap up this piece, I’m strongly convinced in ROMANS 8:35-39 that irrespective of life’s shackles and troubles, the LOVE OF THE FATHER rests abundantly upon me. All I need to do is SPREAD THE LOVE ABROAD!
Iffa no love my brother, Weytin I gain? Death?… Tufiakwa!!! 1 JOHN 3:14


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