Imagine Christ | A Fool for the fools.

Give listen to my wordings!
I’m not your pastor,
Just a preacher driven by Passion.

I hate to say this, but it’s an habit;

To dance and sing and still not get it.
We do, as a likely solution to our mysteries, yet in our miseries we live to regret it;
Not for bugging, but being wrong with it.
Being wrong — in living to please Him.

See, Jesus, He took my bills added yours settled it  and claimed the Hons
– Called it redemption.
Opened my eyes to my favorite
– Renamed it temptation.
Left behind a handbook with history and instructions;
One that bounded me to this knowledge we term SALVATION.
Cos I had an orientation of who he was,
He made me into a friend.
We became more than friends, brothers.
He could feel my pain even more than I could his.
Once I thought it was just empathy
And didn’t really bother,
But he took the fall right there,
Proving it was LOVE , not a cover
Exercising it from the time of my first fall.
His love for me keeps tabs for my missed call.

What Christ did?
To the fools he became a fool,
To the wise he became unwise,
He became their initial payment
To satisfy them with a heart, Joy full.

You see,
What Christ did I cannot really explain,
He took my favorite and made it his pain.
If I say I love Jesus, you may say I’m insane;
Cos what He did wasn’t sane.
He took my place, my life – His gain
Offered it all, This dying world to regain.

After a brief study of His death and resurrection, what I term his glory,
I decided to paint my friend to you
– all from memory.

Let’s Imagine Christ together.
This celebration is incomplete without reviving History(His Story).

I stumbled upon this and I loved it.


Do well to share with friends!
Happy Easter!

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April 20, 2019 at 11:02 pm

Great…a very wonderful piece… I owe him a lot

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