One of my greatest fear has been songs.
I loved and still do.
As a simple Christian brother, I’d always been swayed by the label… ‘This is a Christan song…that isn’t’ and I would be scared of singing a particular song whilst with some sects and it had really been a burden.
To some extent, I found it hard to express in songs… I was a hypocrite, so to say.

My cousin, young and free and always wanting to try something, different wrote a nice song according to my friends, but the sullen weight of ‘secular’ fell on me like stone in water and I, his brother was his discouragement. It wasn’t a bad song, it was I, the bad other.

So i decided to ask, why should I be pulled apart by what shouldn’t. What’s bad in what was termed ‘bad‘.

I got to understand that listening to each and every genre of music doesn’t kill you,…mba! Neither does it make you less of a Christian.

A friend of mine in a bid to fulfill this mandate of no secular music on his phone wiped his memory card.
Curiously unuttered, I retorted, how about your head?
If we begin to tear down on what we sing and listen to, our national anthem is not worth singing then?

So, what’s ideal to sing?
The real ‘?’ Is, what’s your reason for listening to any song at all?
From a writer’s perspective…
You ask, why do i write?
I may be writing to just pass time…
I may be writing to inspire someone… This is me😉
I may be writing because something God told me inspired me…
I may be writing because I want to preach the Gospel.
It’s just like reading the papers.
Wondered why your pastor knows to use the words in vogue when having a side chat in his sermon? Don’t be shocked…
Even a pastor listens to EVERYTHING to be abreast of the latest happenings in town 🤷🏽‍♂.

So, my point…
There’s nothing wrong biblically about listening to Asa, Enya, John Legend, Burna Boy, Lagbaja, Tekno, etc or writing about any topic at all.
The simple truth is… “You’re the one who knows what you want to achieve”. Gospel or secular… What message you get from it is dependent on what you want for it.

An uncle of mine had this to input,
I wrote a song some months ago after listening to Lagbaja non-stop… it’s a gospel song with a ‘perceived’ strong message.

I was inspired by the beat and chords in the songs that I listened to, and it influenced the style of the song I wrote.

Concluding that, what’s MOST IMPORTANT is your reason for listening to any of the songs, he added,
I’m a Jim Reeves fan, but I’ve NEVER written any song like his… I don’t listen to his songs for that reason.
It doesn’t mean you can’t.

Dear friend,
You’re precious to me,
Understand this, and move on.
Life is Eazi,
Don’t hard it!

Do well to share!
Lemme know your thought on this…

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