The ‘B-Y’ Syndrome |I try to tell myself this every day…

Dear Lord, if not for anything, bless and make me successful, I’ve got a lot of people to prove wrong.
What could possibly be wrong with this simple prayer?

I had scrolled past with a silent understandable ‘Amen’ when a different meaning which could have been the underlying tone of the writer hit me.

Blessing for content or Blessing to contend?

I’ll begin with the simple reply an uncle of mine gave on his Facebook post to complement the comment “Always smiling“. He wrote, ‘Life is simple, contentment is all, why contend?‘ And really, that is the logic behind all that is in this space we live in.
Why do you want what you need now? Could it be as a result of an encounter with someone and the desire to retaliate? Or because you have need for it in sincerity. Several reasons are there for your prayers not to be granted, but this is not minor either. When you were created, there was a purpose for which you were formed in your mother’s womb, the reason why you are the way you are.

There’s a reason why you were created,
A reason for that ‘thing’ you call oDd,
A reason for what people term ‘Defect’ in you,
A reason for what they refer to as your ‘excesses’,
A reason for the unique voice.
There’s a reason why you are like this.
Every  moment should be spent on identifying and capitalizing on this, finding peace, joy and contentment in it.

You should know, you were not created to become your brother’s contender – though that’s the norm today, but to be his buddy, helpmate and the different half of him. So, stop trying to fit yourself into someone else’s picture when you have the liberty to call a photographer for a nice shot. Speaking of which, I know a good photographer and his shots are usually on point. See e-flier for details.

Let your prayer not be for contest. There’s space enough for every bird to fly side by side if only contentment with the use of space is exhibited. You need a car? Go for a car, not a liability. You need accommodation? Go for one and not a debt cumulative scheme. At the end of the day, it falls back to being you.

Be Simple. Be Unique. Be Yourself. It takes you to be You, no one else can!

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September 29, 2019 at 5:38 pm

Ι couldn’t resist commenting. Very well written!

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