Ever dreaded the words ‘goodbye’? Yea, right… I still do too. 😶

Friends, I had met many in the past;
Through times, seasons,
It was all so fast.
It was joy-filled-laughter and gladness.
Yet ever came the feeling of sadness;
Sadness from having to say goodbye.

Though temporal, I still had to say it
-those odd words I couldn’t buy.

But when you, my beloved, crossed death’s dreaded sea,
No words could describe the feelings in me.
No sufficient parting words were ever spoken, gifts given,
Presents nor even tokens.
I felt I never told you the extent as to which I loved you…
Forget me not“, I sang with a heart – broken, and in sadness
– to the tune of my tears.

Then I swam in my stolen raft to gladness..
My stolen raft of suicide
– Beyond death’s dreaded sea –
To where I knew my beloved would be;
To the land where goodbyes never cease
And hellos are at ease.


  1. Oluwakemi iletogun

    Goodbye is like a shape spear, it pierce the heart. At times we wish within ourselves that we never said it

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