Was actually watching a movie but our ‘love’ decided to put out the light at its crux and so decided to do this… I really don’t want to do an introduction, just read!

Love is cigar
It deserves to get lit
Not unnecessarily lest it gets you cancer

Love is sweet
It is addictive
Sometimes it makes you feel like a lunatic.

Love is vague
It could make you fake
The first time, it leaves you searching for answers.

Love is bitter
It deserves the truth
One time err could soil its root.

Love is indifferent
It drives you mad
It doesn’t really care who pays the rent.

Love is song
It’s usually sung
But most times sung wrong.

Love is bomb
It requires time
3, 2, 1 numb!

Love is hair
It shades you
And leaves without your care.

Love is error
It mutes contentment
If left unchecked.

Love is bride
It deserves all respect
Even when it receives chide

Love is cushion
It doesn’t flare
But gives hear at every discussions.

Love is cake
It is highly rated
Yet smeared by little bits of mistake

Love is kite
It needs space
Nonetheless, it considers every string that directs its flight.

Love is pain
It really hurts
Especially when its cuts during its reign.

Love is stupid
Its contagious too
Don’t you want to get struck by cupid?

Love is sword
It cuts deep
Only a few get its reward.

Love is strong
It’s unusually soft
Only Time will tell if it would last long.

Love is call
It is sometimes missed
What matters is the passed ball.

Love is sun
It is ever committed
Changes countenance when walk needs run.

Love is message
It could be misconstrued
Most likely with its take on this age.

Love is hate
It is extreme
You don’t want to get on this side on a date.

Love is love
A feeling or a person
Both require much not to dissolve.

Love is
It is You and I
The only sugar that gives no diabetes.

So, next time… When you say ‘love’.. Know what you mean..
Let’s know what love is, for you in the comment section!

Photo credit: D² Okunola


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14 thoughts on “Love is.

  1. Applauds to a busybody pen!!!

    Why not tell me what love is not? Someday do… My eyes shall listen

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