BEARD GANG: The ‘Religio-Spiritual’ Undertone.

“Bear…Bear” as it is fondly called is one issue that has generated several argument as to whether it is spiritually inclined or a religious ideology.
*This is purely my thought out*

I remember vividly during my Primary school days when I was taught “Signs of Puberty” among adolescent (teenagers) in Health Education. Then, we were told the difference(s) between pubertal signs in males and females. Infact, we had to memorize them just so we don’t forget during exams or tests.

At age 13 in Junior Secondary School, I started developing ‘strands of hair’ under my chin. My classmates will always say: “Oyaaaa…You don dey get beards, Old Man!”. I’ll just laugh it off or put on a stern look. I felt these guys were just trying to tag me an ‘Agbalagba’ whereas I was among the youngest in class.

In order to avoid those kinda remarks, I made sure I cut it off when it’s due in my own eyes. Surprisingly, it never stopped growing.

As time went by, the ‘strands of hair’ grew more than I ever imagined. Some folks called it ‘goatee’, others said it’s ‘beards’. All join abeg!

But then, I realized recently the ‘Spiritual Twist’ attached to ‘Keeping Beards’ and ‘The Beard Gang’.

A couple of months ago, I was saluted ‘Asalaam Ailekun’ by a Muslim fellow on my way back to my hostel in school. Mehn! I was shocked to have been greeted that way. Woos! I snubbed the guy fasfas! Arrrgh, he thought I’m a Muslim or an aspiring Alfa abi?

Personally, I see nothing bad or unscriptural about having beards but the Church today have added a twist to it
— The Religious Ideology!

What now fills the lips of the ‘Old School’ folks is that it’s an ‘Alfa’ thing. You shouldn’t be like them!

I beg to differ.

On a lighter note, right from my cradle bed till this present day, the photographs of Our Lord Jesus Christ shows that He also was a member — so to say, of ‘The Beard Gang’, isn’t it?

My people, the issue is:
Why spiritualize having beards?

Is it Unscriptural?

Is it sinful?

Can it hinder us from getting to Heaven?

It’s really annoying when I get the ‘You look like an Alfa’ remark from Parents/Christains who see it as an Islamic characteristics. If you wanna express your displeasure (that’s if there’s any sef…) over my beards, then tell me the right way.

In times like this, should we encourage such kinda thought? Certainly Not!

We say souls are perishing and we must reach out to them.

What strategy have we taken so far?

Yet, we criticize the youths (our disciples) who’re the future of the Church over something I consider unnecessary. And when they flee, we say they want ‘freedom’.

Oh, Lemme ask you,

Does having beards deny you salvation?

I’m saved by Grace and not by having beards or otherwise. Let’s gerrit!

Of a truth, what we miss outta the whole gist is ‘Modesty’.

Who says I cannot keep beards and not look modest?

The goal is to look good even if money no dey!

You unze…?

Remember, looking good is good business!

I can as well shave and carve those beards without looking like an Alfa.

Not everything should be given a spiritual meaning abeg!

If one can maintain it and is comfortable keeping it, why criticize him?

My motive matters…

I’m doing it not because I wanna belong but because I like it and I’m good on it.

E dey gimme joy😂😇

Dear Reader,

Don’t be overtly spiritual about “The Beard Gang”! If he looks good, let him be! Encourage him to maintain it the right way! Forget the ‘Religio-Spiritual’ ideology!

He can’t be a cradle forever…


I know you have your views, lets hear it in the comment box. Or you feel this pain too? Share it!


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