Be Happier!

I found this for you. One many piece you never want to mix with another.

But, If you haven’t read The B-Y Syndrome: Click here now!

The rate at which we hear of depression and it’s accomplice, death, is alarming, even it dares to take turns on families. It is true, the world we’re in today is one kind and deserves to be wiped (maybe with hypo or jik, not necessarily the death type of wipe😁).
Sometime ago when the “Depression” issue was the talk of the town, I tried to research on some of its many causes and one kept recurring – A Void Of Happiness.

How’s it that people don’t get to be happy any more as they used to be?

  • Family Issues
  • Peers
  • Society
  • Truth (Yes! A latter view of what ought to be but wasn’t, this we’ll regard to as Regret)
  • … You’re better at this, what causes depression? Let’s have your input below.
  • Insecurities
  • Jobs (Some have lost the zest for what they do, they work for the need of money and not for the satisfaction they derive.)

Looking at all from this direction makes it feel like life has lost it’s taste😪. What’s the taste of life cef? (scratches head)
Forgot, this is not one of my lectures.
How then do you break this chain of wearing brute long faces?

Be Happier!

You know, I take this texts with love. Some would say, “I’m already happy, but it’s still same, the problems aren’t gone…”. Who says being happy kills the problem?🤔

In actual sense, it doesn’t. It makes you see through what you term a problem. I decided to be happier instead, once I understood this, so I preach it.

Since you’ll nod to being “happy” and still place your joykillers before you instead of behind you, what’s the deal? Life is so simple but we always want to take(make) it hard.

“Appreciate the minuscule and create an atmosphere of happiness when others seem not to”

– Shobande Daniel.

I remember trying my fingers on the pad and being trashed, all I could say was, “But you know I almost scored sha” and we all found humor in it. Another person would storm out of the game centre with an increased chance of getting inflicted with an injury. Cease the moment!

Nine tiny things you do that you should do more often — and one thing you shouldn’t.

The little things that make good moments better (and the one that doesn’t):

  • Tell friends “The greatest thing happened to me!” Share good moments with others.
  • Mentally Instagram it. Take a picture with your mind to better share the moment later.
  • Do a touchdown dance. Congratulate yourself on achievements.
  • Close your eyes at the concert. Focus on the sense that’s bringing you joy.
  • Say “I’m normally at work right now.” Compare to the times that aren’t as good.
  • Be Zen and don’t think anything at all. Be in the moment.
  • Shout, “HOORAY!” Express happy feelings.
  • Remember “This will end.” Bittersweet is good.
  • Say “I am so lucky to have this in my life.” Show gratitude.
  • Do not say “I should be at work right now.” Don’t be a kill-joy.

You’re already a happiness expert. You unknowingly do a lot of what it takes to enjoy life. Just do those things more often.

And if you forget everything else, remember numero uno: share good experiences with others.


In same vein, I’ll love you to read up those happiness essentials by clicking here and most especially, note the 10th point.
I could literally scrape the site, but I’m human too😅 (On a lighter note).

I’d definitely love to know what you feel about this post in the comment section, it makes me feel like I really caught your ❤.

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