Basic school rules do apply here also. Write “A Love Letter to time” expressing your pithiness. What would yours look like? Here’s Mine.

Dear Time,
I’m not a stranger to the dark and that’s because I’m quite stark;
And in it I’m having this brawl with my spirit, heart and all.
Most times its a “Freudian slip” of how I may have a Beau by serendipity.
You were there that night when I stumbled into whom I now call a friend,
Because of you we had fun in our hubbub and I indeed was taking impish delight in being goofy with innocuous jokes.

You were there when he was just being a taciturn dude (usually tepid)
And a deep contrast to my boisterous life was his coy nature.
But you, My Dear Time, stepped in and he turned out to be a congenial friend; a paradox to even logic itself.
And through you I found out that behind his melanin fortune was a cryptic heart;
You know I don’t do computer science so I don’t know much about cryptography,
It’s most probable that he used codes to hack his way into my heart,
That’s why I call him a scam! A grey hacker with a “Sphinx like” appearance.
“I love you” is his mantra, probably the only tune he can play on his violin.

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You were there when stuffs hit me so bad
And now my heart and mind are really murky
I really want to repudiate his love due to some trepidation and an oath I took,
But deep down something tells me he’s not fawning or hacking his way through.
But you, My Darling, are a tester of things, bringing out the deepest secrets and telling me- your muse.
So babe please don’t hesitate to tell me if its really love or just its euphoric mirage.

But then, if it’s really love, then I have no idea what I did to the “King Shadow” to have him enamoured with a scrawny peasant like me.

If its really love then its a precipitous one.

You’re probably wondering how this dull girl got all these “big words”,
My Dear Time, I guess they are the only ones that can express how I truly feel…
I know your reply takes a lot of you(a lot of time)
But I’ll wait, if I must, if that’s what it takes to discern what kind of “love” this is;
Because it looks like one of a kind.
I earnestly anticipate your reply in a couple of years.

Yours Lovingly,
Your Beloved.

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