Kérésìmesì by Olamiji

Seems Christmas came in late🙈, my greetings too!

As a token of love, I’ve decided to gift you with this amazing Christmas sound, Kérésìmesì.

As stated by the originator, “Kérésìmesì is a gospel jam completely inspired by the Holy spirit and It’s a song that nails it to the mast that amidst the whole yuletide celebrations,we should never forget that it’s all about Jesus Christ.”

Keresimesi by Olamiji (@_m.i.j.i_) features two other gospel artistes SBK beatz(@kirijisamson_official) and Idagha(@ransomidagha).

How do I tell you “Kérésìmesì o” and “Jesu Kristi o” is what I’ve been singing this period, lol. If you don’t listen to it…I reserve my comments, but let yours flow in the comment section😁.

Click here to download.


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