A lot has been said –punch lined, sung (even Cardi B), discussed and the list goes forth, about the Corona Virus Pandemic (COVID -19) and this is not far from it.

Maybe there’s a lot that can be done but wouldn’t be, because we are gradually losing faith in what we know that works. Schools are shut down in view of online media that would help ensure lectures in some parts of the world goes on; churches, mosques, social gatherings and concerts have been given alternatives to function. You should check up #togetherathome. That’s the next move.

There’s not much that can be done about COVID- 19, but to stay safe. Wash your hands regularly and follow the regulations given. #togetherathome; Together.

We’re left to face reality. Take this cue from me, there’s a lot that can be done, but this one I love –Fixing Relationship. Utilize this moment to build that cord, fix that string, make the bond stronger with your family.

It’s better to be together apart, than apart.

Together Apart

Here’s a poem I wrote to this effect, enjoy:

We know It’s here for real,
There’s little too much that can be done to heal,
but to keep fighting, together apart.
It’s hard to live freely,
In this atmosphere of daunting feelings,
but to live, we breathe, together apart.

Now that the fellowships are reverted to one body
And nobody waits for somebody
Everybody has to be, together apart.
Times like this, when everyone feels this scourge
And one’s only hope remains: this will pass,
Create room for a smile with someone, together apart.

There’s hope, if we decide to be it’s vessel;
Be the cause of people’s calm laughs,
Refix the broken bonds and strained cords,
And bring alive the beauty in family.
For when the day is over, a new one begins;
But when the family suffers, the new one groans.

There’s more to a people than tribes and colors;
Though now, we stay apart. We stay together, apart.

Whilst you pray and believe that the COVID-19 pandemic won’t be a part of you and your family members, do well to take precautionary measures against it.

COVID-19 is real.

Face the Reality!
Ignorance Kills…


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