An abstract of my thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keep Faith Strong
Stay Strong

There’s a call for persistent prayers ongoing. An assurance that the virus won’t be a part of us in due time.
Revelations and prophecies are springing forth mixed reactions and several opinions as well as debates on whether or not the pandemic is:
“‘A Test of Faith ?’
‘A Sign of the End Time ?’
‘God’s punishment to mankind'”
have developed, keeping lots subscribed to such arguments.
After all, the scriptures attests:
“In the last days, strange sicknesses shall come upon …”

Are we segueing (slowly transiting) from “Our God heals” to “The End is near”?
Who (or What) do we believe now?
(Mind clouded with thoughts…😕)

Indeed, I salute our Bible Scholars who have culled the pandemic, COVID-19, into an acronym meaning:
C- Christ
O- Over
V- Viruses,
I- Infections and
D- Diseases
With a back up from Joshua 1:9.
A brilliant one indeed! (😏Winks…)

Well, these rhetorics are directed to those fellows who have decided to turn deaf ears:

•If religion and faith-based affirmations exist without necessary prevention, of what essence is it?
•Do we live in ignorance, believe the scriptures and neglect the right information?
•Who’s to blame when things begin to fall apart and all we’re told is “Have Faith; Egyptian sickness is not our portion” when they can be avoided?

Truly, fervent prayers are needed, faith in God is essential, but getting the right information on prevention is pivotal.



Following the succession of events, the global system is as though the Earth is going into extinction with speculations from different angles.

Here’s what we know: We’re faced with a PANDEMIC that’s ravaging the world at large. Apparently, it’s not a SPIRITUAL PROBLEM, it pierces through every nook and cranny with no regard to financial status or social influence.

It’s important to note:
•The average individual has been asked to maintain a distance; at least 1 meter apart.
•Social functions, learning activities in all academic institutions have been put on hold.
(An ‘immediate shutdown’ was issued to this effect.)
•Face masks, hand gloves and sanitizers have become routine items to be used to prevent the spread of this virus.
•Worship Centres have strictly been asked to encourage the attendance of only 20 persons or find alternatives.

Corona no be death sentence
Corona no be death sentence!

Whilst the media and relevant health agencies keep us abreast of the rising figures of COVID-19 cases, now is not the time to tremble. Good thing is, PEOPLE ARE RECUPERATING!

Feed your body, soul and spirit with God’s Word.
Neglect not the Right Information.
Many have exercised Faith.
Many have embraced Ignorance.
Your approach to matters really matter.
Ignorance Kills…

Be knitted in Love,
Strengthen those ties.
Maintain the Distance.
This too would surely pass…✌🏾

😏Know ye therefore that;
CoronaVirus no be spiritual problem,
No just pray, Hear Word!
Make you take caution.
E good make you dey well.
Life no get duplicate… E get why!

Face The Reality🙏. As earlier stated, this is purely my-thought-out!

I don drop pen🖊

© Joelation6


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